Har du et godt miljøprosjekt? Gratis internasjonal profilering:

Den internasjonale arkitektorganisasjonen ACE vil lage en brosjyre med eksempler på arkitektur som hjelper på klimautfordringene. Leveringsfrist er 3. mai.

Arkitektbedriftene er medlem av ACE på vegne av både NAL og seg selv. ACE skriver:

"Dear Member Organisations,
Dear Colleagues, 

As part of its Architects Against Climate Change initiative, the ACE wishes to publish a booklet to showcase European architectural projects that have been rewarded with a national architectural prize for their sustainability and/or responsibility in the field of climate change.

More broadly, this brochure could feature any examples of good architectural practice relating to the mitigation of climate change and adaption to its effects.

Pleased find enclosed a letter that further explains this project. We invite you to send photographs, descriptions and data of projects that have been rewarded with a national prize for their sustainability and / or projects that you consider to represent good practice in terms of fighting climate change.

We would be grateful for receiving your first inputs by Wednesday 3 May at the latest, so we can make a first report at the next General Assembly in Rome."

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