Exhibition by the Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX). The exhibition, which will be opened on June 23rd 2017, 5:30 pm at the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Oslo by German Secretary of State Gunter Adler of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Building and Reactor Safety, shows projects and designs by German architects.

Living and Building in the 21st century: Under the patronage of the Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX), 36 of Germany’s leading architectural practices have tackled the challenges of modern global life. They developed potential solutions that they put into practice within the context of real, existing construction projects.

The result is a touring exhibition featuring 49 panels that aims to set new milestones in the global architectural discourse. With the topic areas “Metropolis: Developing Urban Structures”, “Inventing the House of Tomorrow: Sustainability and Technology”, and “Places for the Public: Communication, Health, Leisure”, the travelling exhibition’s primarily focuses is living and working in urban spaces.

Over 80 successful projects show how even complex constructional challenges on diverse locations were mastered through cooperation and personal commitment, thereby providing the diversity of life with the space it needs to develop. The exhibition is presented in English.

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Praktisk informasjon

Sted: Norsk-Tysk Handelskammer in Oslo
Dato: 23. juni 2017
Tid: kl.18:30 - kl.20:00

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